Split 7" with Trenchfoot

by Old Wounds



Melotov Records

Tracked & Mixed by Kevin Bernsten @ Developing Nation Studios in Baltimore, MD
Mastered by Dan Randall @ Mammoth Sound in Austin, TX


released August 13, 2013



all rights reserved


Old Wounds New Jersey


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Track Name: An Ode To Love
The spiderwebs are clinging to images of you. Sitting by the candlelight with everything to lose. Bleeding through the love letters written just for you. Hold me and tell me that you will never leave. You will never leave. We cannot hide our lovebites, and the razorlines. The horrors are only secret, when we close our eyes.
Track Name: The Sharpest Knife For The Blackest Heart
Porcelain skin against mine, she sent heaven down my spine. I’ll never forget the looks she would give. Just like a ghost in my memory. I can’t find the words to speak. They echo like knives in my throat. As the blood falls from my lips, Remember my face. Remember my love. Pulling my flesh, and ripping the seams. She knows true beauty. Dressed in black. The girl of my nightmares now haunts my day dreams. I’m lying in deaths bed and she is dancing in my head. I’m lying in my death bed. We’re lying in our death bed. She knows true beauty. Dressed in black. Living the dream, dying in nightmares.